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What East Rutherford Patients Say About Bozan Chiropractic & Acupuncture

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Natural Chiropractic Care Center patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Dr. Michael Bozan

  • I am very happy I found someone who is treating my back the way I had treated it in Germany. I am positive he can help me with my pain.

    - Poopak P.
  • Thanks for listening and being thorough during my first evaluation/visit!

    - Eleanor H.
  • Best chiro I have been in, in my life!

    - Lester W.
  • The best chiropractor around!!

    - Erica T.
  • Great experience. Good results after only one visit.

    - Michael M.
  • I was feeling better when I left the office. 

    - Nunzio C.
  • Dr. Mike is knowledgeable, informative and empathic. Always feel better after my sessions.

    - Bridget W.
  • Dr. Bozan was very attentive and very helpful. I will tell all my friends and family.

    - Melanie S.
  • Best chiropractor in town, been going to him for over 10 yrs.

    - Neelam H.
  • Dr. Bozan is very caring , doesn’t rush you in and out, and addresses all your questions. So happy that I found him

    - Sandi K.
  • I will definitely come again!

    - Majid A.
  • I would recommend/refer others.

    - Michael F.
  • The doctor was really helpful and immediately identified my problem- and then correct the issue. He and his receptionist were friendly and welcoming – significant change from other medical practices. I will definitely refer friends and family.

    - Ebrahim H.
  • Doctor was very caring and shared some information on the causes and remedies for my condition. I am very satisfied with the treatments and am confident I will soon feel much less pain in my back and leg.

    - Frances D.
  • Dr. Bozan is a wonderful practitioner. He takes the time to listen to all your symptoms and addresses each with multiple solutions until you are both satisfied that things are healing and going in the right direction. I would recommend Dr. Bozan and his offices to anyone looking for an alternative solution to their aches and pains.

    - Linda L.
  • Felt very much at ease with doc. He addressed my concerns. Very satisfied and very relaxed.

    - Amrik W.
  • Hands down the best adjustment i ever had before.

    - Justin B.
  • Great to be coming back to Dr. Bozan!

    - Joelle P.

I Knew I Was In Good Hands

Because this was my first time ever visiting a chiropractor, I was a little nervous. Dr. Bozan listened to my problem and examined me. I felt a little nervous just trying to relax myself during the examination, but after a few minutes I knew I was in good hands. Not only did he make me feel comfortable but his explanation of what my symptoms were was on point! It’s only been my second visit with Dr. Bozan, but I’m confident that he will get me back in proper alignment. I highly recommend him to anyone!! Thank you Dr. Bozan!!
Ivette A.

Felt Very Comfortable

I felt very comfortable with Michael and i felt better on the 1st day of my adjustment. I suffer from chronic sinus headaches and explained my situation with Micheal. In addition to the adjustment, he focused on the back of my neck and head. I feel with continuous visits I will be feeding better soon.
Catina G.

Big Thumbs Up

Very knowledgeable and effective. Instant relief. Laughed at my at my humor. Will be back next time I fall off my skateboard. Big thumbs up.
Richard L.

Compassionate and very professional

I felt very comfortable with the Dr. He explained what he was doing and was compassionate and very professional. I would recommend Dr Bozan to anyone contemplating seeing a Chiropractor.
~Joan F.

Back to Normal

Excellent doctor. Listened to my problems, offered suggestions and within 3 sessions I was feeling back to normal after sciatica had stopped all physical activity.
~ Natasha S.

Awesome Adjustment!

Upon arrival at Natural Chiropractic I was very uncomfortable as a result of my sciatic nerve that kept me awake for quite a few nights. On Dr. Bozan’s initial assessment, he was able to identify other problematic areas before I could mention them. To relieve me of the pain and discomfort, he placed me on gentle electric therapy before the treatment to relax the area that was giving me the most problems. Commencing with an awesome adjustment, I walked out of the office pain free with a couple muscles feeling sore. He advised me to give it a little time since I just received my adjustment. The next day the muscles finally calmed down. After a couple days I felt good as new! It is scary for me to put my spine in the care of just any doctor’s hands. However, my experience with Dr. Bozan showed me how knowledgeable he is and this made me feel comfortable right away. He is very charismatic and energetic. His treatment was delivered with enthusiasm showing that he cares about his patients’ health and the treatment he delivers, which allowed me to trust his care.
~ Jacqueline M.


Dr. Bozan is fantastic! As a registered dietitian, I love learning from other health professionals. I will be referring him to all of my clients!
~ Samantha P.

Very Knowledgeable

Dr. Bozan is very knowledgeable and very professional. I would positively recommend him to anyone!
~ Stephen H.

I Always Enjoy My Visit

You are both so nice and helpful I always enjoy my visit with you.
~ Elizabeth M.

Helped Immediately

My appointment was made quickly and was diagnosed and helped immediately. With the adjustments and exercise I feel much better.
~ Elaine A.

The Best

Dr. Bozan is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I have been to 4 different chiropractors and Dr. Bozan is by far the best.
~ Nikolas T.

Excellent Doctor!

I had messed up on my appointment date and Dr. Michael’s receptionist called me to remind me. It was great that Dr. Michael was still able to see me on the same day. When I got to the office I felt very comfortable. I was treated with great professionalism by both Dr. Thomas and his receptionist . Best doctor visit ever! I highly recommend Dr. Michael Bozan! Excellent doctor!
~ Daisy S.

Back Pain Relieved

I had a really bad back pain when I stopped by. Couldn’t even move myself properly. 2 days of rest after he adjusted my disc, I was totally relieved. Recommended to everyone who has similar issues.
~ Mustafa E.

Very Happy With Results

Very happy with the results so far. Less than a month of treatment! Dr. Bozan is very dedicated, helpful and talented. I highly recommend.
~ Teresa D.

Genuinely Interested In Care And Progress

Dr Bozan always makes you feel that he is genuinely interested in your care and progress. His knowledge, experience and skill in chiropractic is excellent and his understanding of patients needs is tireless. Dr. Bozan instills confidence that he genuinely can help you and he does! I am a medical professional and highly recommend patients, family and friends to try chiropractic with Dr. Bozan. Ava keeps the office humming and it is always a welcome experience!
~ Ellen R. DiChiara, Family Nurse Practitioner


Dr. Bozan and Ava have both been fantastic each and every time I’ve come in. Never having been to a chiropractor before, I had little idea what to expect as far as treatment is concerned. I’m sold thus far :)
~ Robert K.