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Meet Dr. Michael J. Bozan

East Rutherford, New Jersey chiropractor Dr. Michael Bozan

Dr. Michael J. Bozan

Dr. Bozan is entering his 20th year in practice serving the Southern Bergen County area. “My greatest satisfaction happens when patients express their happiness in having discovered chiropractic and our practice. They are excited to learn that they can get and stay well without the use of drugs and or surgery. It’s empowering watching this process.”

Chiropractic is the science, philosophy and art of correcting and maintaining spinal health. This in turn allows for proper form and functioning of the nervous system and thus better health. It is for this reason that chiropractic care can be helpful for so much more than just bad backs and sore necks. Chiropractic can be the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle and peak performance.

A well-rounded program to achieve your health goals is the methodology at Dr. Bozan’s office. “We have so many opportunities to improve our health with proper nutrition, fitness, and mental approaches. I enjoy helping patients understand these concepts so that they can carry them over into their daily lives.”

When not practicing Dr. Bozan enjoys an active lifestyle including physical exercise, yoga (he is a former certified instructor), playing tennis and guitar.